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Dumb Idiot
The cute me
Name           Anya (Naczely)
DOB      01.25.2000
Stats            1 (1) He/Him
                      2 (2) Aquarius
                      3 (3) True Neutral
                      4 (4) Slytherin
Other           soup
Hi I'm Anya and im an aspiring animation/storyboard student. I like making ugly fanart and original stuff. Most of the time I won't post drawings other than sketches or dumb stuff (I'm not very confident in my work).
I post alot on my twitter and my tumblr is purely aesthetic and some text posts. I interact alot with mutuals. I post alot of personal posts and talk alot.
My interests include : idol games (mirishita, deresute, some llsif), mobage (mainly gbf and the idol games), various manga (golden kamuy, dorohedoro, naoki urusawa works), video games (ace attorney, pokemon, some fe, overwatch, etc), jpop (shiina ringo and 80s jpop), and horror! I mainly post about these considering that im very involved with the communities involving these.
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